October 8th 2017 Festival!

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Kids 12 and under are free!

Advance $40 ends 9/30
Regular $50 ends 10/8
Student $20 at door w/ ID

Festival Lineup

Cardinal Moon

Dulaney and Co.

The Casey Hensley Band

J7 Productions

Shane Hall

The Highwayman Show

Daring Greatly

Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact

Billy Galewood

Sister Speak

Festival Venue

We are pleased to be returning to the lovely Pala Mesa Resort! Special room rate of $79.00 for the night of the festival! Just mention the room is for the festival to get the special rate!

Bring your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a wonderful day on the golf course!

This Year’s Causes

In addition to our ongoing support of the Fallbrook Food PantryMusic for the Revolution has chosen to address the issue of nuclear waste at San Onofre as our environmental concern this year.

We are facing an unprecedented ecological threat to Southern California. The closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has raised the issue of how to handle the millions of pounds of nuclear waste left behind.

The current plan calls for the 3.5 million pounds of nuclear waste to be buried just 108 feet from the coast and only 3 feet above the water line this January. Making San Onofre State Beach the world’s largest private beachfront nuclear waste dump. It will be stored in 75 stainless steel drums which contain the radiation equivalent of more than 40 Chernobyl disasters. The manufacturer claims the containers will last for 60 years, but only warranties them for 10-25 years, while the waste will be toxic for at least 250,000 years. We also know there is a serious fault line just miles off the coast making seismic activity likely.

All of these risks are magnified because there is no current plan for monitoring the integrity of the storage containers. Any emergency plans have been deferred to San Diego and Orange Counties. If the worst should happen, 8.5 million people would be in danger.

We need to stand together to demand a better solution for the storage of the nuclear waste. The current plan is unacceptable for our safety and the future of our children.

Join us at Music for the Revolution Festival to help bring awareness to this urgent issue and help support the ongoing education efforts of Public Watchdogs and other organizations that work so tirelessly to make this a better world for all of us!

The Kids Zone

We are super excited to have Family Love Village provide our Kids Zone this year!

Family Love Village (FLV) is excited and honored to bring our EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!) program for our very first year at Music for the Revolution!  Our FLV program allows everyone to get connected and celebrate life through our series of activities for kids and families.

EAKK! is an eco-interactive environment for children where they can discover and learn the value of creating fun and educational art projects from recycled materials.  Our local FLVillagers collect household items, as well as items from schools and restaurants to create eco-friendly art projects for the children that not only prevent junk from going into the landfills and oceans but helps to broaden the families’ perspective by envisioning  “junk” as art!

To learn more about our mission, vision, as well as past and future monthly gatherings, please visit www.familylovevillage.com.

Kids Zone Schedule:

12:00-1:00PM – “Orange You Grateful For” Welcome Celebration:

We will welcome all the children and families to the Music for the Revolution with a fun and interactive activity. We will sit in a circle and pass an orange ball to each other with our feet while asking the question “Orange You Grateful For?” to begin our fun day.

1:00-2:00PM – Family Love Yoga:

Join this super fun and always popular yoga class for the whole family. Parents and their little yogis will become a part of an exciting and interactive adventure through real yoga poses and guided breathing. All ages are welcome.

2:00-3:00PM – Build a Solar Pizza Box Oven:

You know the term, “It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk?”  Well in this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workshop, your kids will get the chance to see if it’s true!  Well, we won’t actually be frying an egg but the kids will be cooking something yummy in their very own solar pizza box oven that they make.  With this easy and fun science project, kids will discover what solar energy is and how insulation and absorption work together with producing heat.

3:00-4:00PM – Tasting and Lil Chefs Class: Superfood Energy Balls

(Maximum: For 15 Little Chefs)

This is a hands-on cooking and nutrition education class for young people ages 4 and up! Our kids cooking classes introduce youth to the pleasures of preparing and enjoying “real food” that is both nutritious and delicious – an essential step towards their health and well-being. Using organic ingredients, our little chefs will create the dessert of their dreams and they get to taste it and share it with their loved ones. With the solar pizza box ovens the kids just made, they will get the chance to bake their own superfood energy balls to perfection!

 3:00-4:00PM – Playdough, Bubbles, & Painting:

Allowing children to enjoy and learn tactile processing. We will have available Playdough and bubble toys. Using our homemade recipes, featuring sparkly and colorful play dough. Fun cutters will be available for all. We will also provide all the tools for the little artists.  Canvas, coloring books, paper, paint, crayons, and pencils galore so that the kiddos can practice free art all day long!

4:00-5:00PM – Science & Education on Water Pollution:

In this workshop, we will do a STEM experiment to discuss the effects that can occur when we pollute various bodies of water and how it is affecting Planet Earth. We will share with families how we can be proactive with protecting our planet and steps they can do in their own homes to be more eco-friendly.

5:00-6:00PM Super Power Mobil

Our thoughts can be pretty powerful so why not help kids to use empowering ones that can be inspiring and reassuring to themselves?! Affirmations are a wonderful way to encourage children to find the beauty, creativity, and uniqueness within.

In this fun activity, we will provide all the materials so children can make a decorative mobile that they can take home and put it up in their room.  And every time children see this mobile hanging on their wall, it will be a reminder of their superpower thoughts of “I AM______!”

6:00-7:00PM  – Talking Stick Decorating:

A Talking Stick is a wonderful tool that allows everyone to be present to everyone’s Sacred Point of View, uninterrupted.  Join as we gather to learn more about this beautiful tradition. Children will get the chance to pick out their own Talking Stick to paint and decorate all the while learning so they can be an integral piece with bringing this beautiful tradition into their own homes whenever a family meeting is called upon.

7:00-7:45PM – Body Art Painting:

Families have the opportunity to transform their bodies in a creative and colorful way, allowing their body to be the canvas for self-expression. We’ll use diverse themes and techniques using body markers.

 7:00-7:45PM – Power Wardrobe and Create Station

”Welcome to our Enchanted Closet” where you can transform yards of fabric and materials into your own original outfits and accessories.  Find your power and express your inner hero, animal, or character. Also, we will be making music shakers. Come adorn yourself and create music just in time to show off your creations in the Family Parade! No sewing skills required.

7:45-8:00PMKids Parade:

Adorned with the finest art pieces that we made at the festival, we will visit our neighbors. We’ll share our inner child powers with all the festival goers as we pump up the festival.

Please make sure to have warm clothes and headlamps for the parade since it may be getting dark at this time. If you have any LED light toys/clothing, we encourage you to bring these items to enjoy the night parade. We highly discourage glow sticks as they are single-use items that will go into the landfill.

8:00PM-8:30PM – Closing Celebration and Random Acts of Kindness:

We’ll gather together to acknowledge all the families that participated throughout the day. We will thank the festival and we will remind everyone the festival’s mission and cause. As a final craft project, we will offer families different artistic stamps and paper, so the children can make personalized cards.


The children will gift the love cards to the Water Protectors that will be attending the Coastal Commission and SoCal Edison at their meeting the next day. In this social modeling, we are giving kids the opportunity to engage in a random act of kindness without any expectation, building empathy, generosity and portraying kindness as an art.

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