October 8th 2017 Festival!

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Get Your Tickets!

Kids 12 and under are free!

Early Bird $30 ends 8/15
Advance $40 ends 9/30
Regular $50 ends 10/8

Festival Lineup

Cardinal Moon

Dulaney and Co.

The Casey Hensley Band

J7 Productions

Shane Hall

The Highwayman Show

Daring Greatly

Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact

Billy Galewood

Sister Speak

Festival Venue

We are pleased to be returning to the lovely Pala Mesa Resort! Special room rates for the night of the festival to be announced soon…

Bring your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a wonderful day on the golf course!

This Year’s Causes

In addition to our ongoing support of the Fallbrook Food PantryMusic for the Revolution has chosen to address the issue of nuclear waste at San Onofre as our environmental concern this year.

We are facing an unprecedented ecological threat to Southern California. The closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has raised the issue of how to handle the millions of pounds of nuclear waste left behind.

The current plan calls for the 3.5 million pounds of nuclear waste to be buried just 108 feet from the coast and only 3 feet above the water line this January. Making San Onofre State Beach the world’s largest private beachfront nuclear waste dump. It will be stored in 75 stainless steel drums which contain the radiation equivalent of more than 40 Chernobyl disasters. The manufacturer claims the containers will last for 60 years, but only warranties them for 10-25 years, while the waste will be toxic for at least 250,000 years. We also know there is a serious fault line just miles off the coast making seismic activity likely.

All of these risks are magnified because there is no current plan for monitoring the integrity of the storage containers. Any emergency plans have been deferred to San Diego and Orange Counties. If the worst should happen, 8.5 million people would be in danger.

We need to stand together to demand a better solution for the storage of the nuclear waste. The current plan is unacceptable for our safety and the future of our children.

Join us at Music for the Revolution Festival to help bring awareness to this urgent issue and help support the ongoing education efforts of Public Watchdogs and other organizations that work so tirelessly to make this a better world for all of us!

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