About Music For The Revolution


Music for the Revolution is a 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization that puts on an annual music festival to increase awareness and adoption of environmental regenerative practices and promote local organizations with similar concerns.

Our primary goal is to develop our music festival into a destination event for people to learn about a variety of environmental and local concerns while providing the ability to network with organizations addressing those issues at the festival.

We use the festival as a non traditional method of education to effectively engage the community by combining art, food, music, and celebration. The festival additionally serves as a model for how to create environmentally sustainable events.

Music for the Revolution Festival creates a context for like minded organizations to increase their visibility and engagement with the community. We will partner with existing nonprofits and churches that specialize in particular issues to help create educational and implementation programs that address a wide spectrum of concerns vis an integrated approach.

Message From The Founder

I care passionately about the world we are leaving to our children. As a parent, what could be of greater concern for your kids than that they have clean air and water, healthy food to eat, a just and participatory government, and an economic system that is sustainable and fair? These goals are essential for all life on our planet and are attainable.

Unfortunately this is not the world we have inherited. Our economic system is not sustainable and threatens the quality of our air and food while receiving the backing of governments run more by vested interests and big money rather than the people they are supposed to represent. We are on a collision course with global disaster and the situation can seem overwhelming.

I have hope! I see multitudes of people from all backgrounds and parts of the world working tirelessly for change. Organizations are spontaneously forming to educate and take action reversing current destructive trends. Support for the inherited system is faltering as the wider public is increasingly understanding the interconnectedness of all life on earth. We are witnessing a momentous time in the growth of human awareness and consciousness.

Music is a powerful expression of the human spirit. It has the ability to pull people together and inspire vision. What better way to participate in this social, political, religious, and economic revolution that is happening all around us than to celebrate in a festival! Music for the Revolution’s flagship program is a festival designed to bring together amazing local talent and nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to education and positive changes in our communities and synergistically blend them together with outstanding music, fun food, live art, and inspiring craft opportunities. This festival is a fundraising event with a portion of the proceeds going to the support of local charities with the remaining funds being used for our ongoing operational expenses.

Please consider assisting us in the vision for Music for the Revolution: Celebration! Harmony! Justice! Together we can make a difference in shaping the world we pass on to our children. May our legacy, their inheritance, be a blessing to them and future generations!

Our Board and Advisors

Jim Jones, M.Div

Founder / President

Jim Jones is a theologian and author with an emphasis on cultural anthropology and social linguistics. Additionally Jim is a musician and cares deeply about the health of our world environmentally and socially. His passion led to the formation of the first Music for the Revolution Festival and the subsequent nonprofit.

Ronald Sharp

Director / Treasurer

Ronald is a seasoned business leader and successful entrepreneur with 38 years of experience serving in manager & senior executive roles for Fortune 500 companies and regional/national real estate development firms and participated in founding several highly successful business ventures. Serve as Board member for several non-profits including: Zion Lutheran Church & School (President); Fallbrook Oaks HOA (Treasurer); Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center (Chairman); and Advisory Board of the Fallbrook Food Pantry.

Mark Weaver, Ph.D

Director / Secretary

A clinical psychologist, early researcher and treatment program director for PTSD combat survivors. Organization development and leadership training/coaching with over 25 years experience in civic, corporate, educational, and healthcare settings. Served as a medical school faculty member at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; founded and directed the Experiential Learning Institute; and has served on not-for-profit boards over the decades. Currently heads Deep Coachworks, Inc., a coaching practice working with entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 company executives. Mark has an enduring passion for the integration of environmental, psychological/social, and institutional solutions.

Dr. Tom English

Advisory Board

Dr. English is President of the TESSI Endangered Species Institute, and the Creation Care Educator for the Presbyterian Church’s Synod of Southern CA and Hawaii. Directed environmental programs at IBM, GE, JPL, EPA, and the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group. Past president of the Coalition for Clean Air. Advised the US President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Government of Sweden on nuclear waste disposal. Postdoctoral MS in environmental engineering, Ph.D. and MS in electrical engineering, and BS in physics.

Bianca Memory Heyming

Advisory Board

Bianca received her Advanced Permaculture Teaching Training Certification through Midwest Permaculture, and has been a featured speaker at: Bioneers (Los Angeles), Permaculture Convergence (Malibu), TEDX (Riverside), Evolver (Los Angeles), and The Environmental Leadership Academy (Riverside). She is author of “Guide to Starting a Community Garden.” Bianca resides at The Emerald Village, a 9-acre intentional community which she cofounded in 2010. She enjoys managing the food forest, aquaponics systems, honey bees, and four loving goats and too many chickens.